Ginger Honey

Ginger HoneyHoney Lady Ginger Honey still has the sweetness of honey with a good kick of ginger.

Our Ginger Honey is 100% Raw South Australian honey blended with Organic Ginger.

Honey Lady Ginger Honey can be used for many things.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Salad dressing
  • In a warm tea with lemon
  • As part of a marinade for chicken
  • Ginger honey cake
  • Straight off the spoon to soothe a sore throat

Honey Lady Ginger Honey is available in 200g, 325g & 700g jars and can be ordered at the Honey Lady Online Store or from one of our fantastic Honey Lady Stockists.

Another spice with a long history of traditional use, Ginger has a multitude of beneficial actions. It stimulates the circulation, giving you a lovely inner glow in cold winter weather – and as it dilates the peripheral blood vessels it brings warmth to chilly hands and feet. Used during the season of colds and ‘flu’, it may help to dry up mucus and relieve coughs. Ginger is well-known as a digestive remedy, it soothes indigestion and can relieve flatulence and colic. It has traditionally been used to ease travel sickness and some forms of nausea. Ginger relieves muscle spasm and may help to reduce the discomfort of painful periods experienced by some women. Sufferers of osteoarthritis may find ginger beneficial due to its reputed anti inflammatory properties.

Please note:- People with inflamed or ulcerated digestive tracts and those with acid reflux should seek advice from a trained medical practitioner before using ginger. Those taking blood thinning medication should also seek professional advice before consuming ginger on a regular basis.