Vanilla Honey

Vanilla 325gHoney Lady Vanilla Honey

Vanilla is the only edible fruit of the orchid family, which is the largest family of flowering plants in the world, with over 35,000 species worldwide.

Originally vanilla came from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. It’s a fruit of the Americas. It now grows in tropical countries all over the world.

99% of all vanilla flavours and fragrances are artificial.

So that puts Honey Lady Vanilla Honey in the tiny 1% of products that use Real and Organic Vanilla.

Vanilla is the most labor-intensive agricultural product in the world. It takes between 18 months and three years from planting a cutting of the orchid vine till the plant produces orchids. The orchids bloom and die within a few hours unless they are pollinated by hand. The beans (which are actually seed-pods) must stay on the vine for nine months before being harvested. The beans then go through a curing, drying, and resting process for several months. Each vanilla bean is handled hundreds of times before it’s ready to use!

Honey Lady Vanilla Honey is super delicious and extra sweet.

Our Honey Lady Vanilla Honey is 100% Raw South Australian honey blended with Organic Vanilla.

Honey Lady Vanilla Honey is a great substitute for vanilla essence or extract.  Instead of buying sweetened yoghurt why not buy plain and add a teaspoon (or more) of Vanilla Honey and some berries of your choice.

Or next time you’re baking replace vanilla essence with a teaspoon of Honey Lady Vanilla Honey.

Honey Lady Vanilla Honey is available in 200g & 325g jars and can be ordered at the Honey Lady Online Store or from one of our fantastic Honey Lady Stockists.