Lemon Myrtle Honey was a Winner.


Phew!  10 days is a long time ….

I really enjoy the Show but you do tend to live in a bubble while it’s on with all other aspects of normal life being put to one side.  For me it is 130 hours over 10 days and that’s without pack up and set up.  And I’m one of the lucky ones, a lot of other stall holders have further to travel and more products etc to pack!  BIG THANKS go to my family and friends that helped me out with meals, kids and everything else!

Over the 10 days we sold over 1,000 jars of honey and used over 5,000 tastings sticks.

Our best seller was hands down our new flavour Lemon Myrtle which sold out!

In addition to those sales our Cinnamon Honey was included in the Premium Food and Wine Trail which sold just over 500.

We also had a prize draw for 6 jars of our spice blended honey.  All those that signed up for our newsletter went into the drawer.

The lucky winner was Allyson McAllister!  Congratulations Allyson.

Thank you to all of those that entered and hopefully you will be on the winners list next time.

We had many requests for new stockists during the Show and I am currently working on getting our products on a shelf near year.  Over the past 4 weeks we have added the following to our stockists list:

  • Salisbury North Foodworks
  • Nutrition Republic on Duthy Street
  • Munno Para Foodland
  • Norwood Foodland
  • Frewville Foodland
  • Woodcroft Fresh

We are always looking for new suitable stockists so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

You can also always ask a store that stocks our Honey to add to the range they stock.

How many days till next year?