Tumeric Honey – 7 Days

Well it’s been a week since I started my experiment so I thought I should provide an update.

Firstly I’d just like to say that I find it very difficult to change my morning routine. I just do everything on auto pilot until the kids are on their way to school. Which means …. that I managed to do 3 days of my experiment before I forgot …..

Having said that I think the 3 days showed a big difference. Particularly on the blemishes, they were essentially gone after 3 days which is probably the other reason my experiment stopped!

BUT. I’m back on the trail. I’ve moved my jar of turmeric honey into the bathroom (will get another one for the kitchen) so that it is there in front of me in the mornings making it easier to remember – hopefully.

I’m going to continue with 1 ½ of my face, applying in the morning and leaving for approx. 15 mins. I’m going to continue with ½ because I really want to know if it makes a difference to my normal skin as well as to the blemishes.

I find it easier in the morning before my shower because then I can make any ooops’s can be washed out of my hair or eyebrows. I probably wont do every day though as some days I just don’t have time to sit/walk around with a yellow face ….

Will report back soon.